PHYTO was conceived by celebrity hairdresser Patrick Alès,long before the emergence of environmental awareness and botanical hair caretrends. It all started when Patrick Alès was a salon apprentice in Paris during the1950’s. He noticed that chemically-laden products were taking a serious toll onthe hands of the hairdresser’s and the hair of their clientele.The first seeds of hisidea for a much gentler, less harmful range of hair products were quietly sown.

Fascinated by nature, he decided to study the power of plants,their history of use in traditional medicine, and the role they might playto reveal hair’s natural beauty. It was finding ways to rescue his clients’ dry,bleached-out locks in the sixties that inspired his first products:HUILE D’ALÈS and PHYTO 7.

In 1965, Patrick Alès presented PHYTO to the public alongwith the opening of his very own salon near the Champs Élysées, still opentoday, where his A-list clients such as Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve, andJacqueline Kennedy Onassis became beneficiaries of his new botanical hair carebrand.


It was an instant smash on a worldwide scale.

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